Why choose us?

We are a team of professionals with extensive experience that we gained while working for many years with the ‘Big Four’ global advisory firms. We offer the highest quality services as well as a flexible and individual approach to each Client at a reasonable price thanks to using solutions based on the automation of accounting processes.

Our many years’ experience in working with Clients is our asset.

The rapidly changing economic environment as well as the development of modern communications techniques both create the need to constantly search for and use new solutions. It is necessary that those who do the bookkeeping actively cooperate with the company’s decision-makers.

The older method of bookkeeping based on a passive recording of business transactions hinders the dynamic development of companies. It is advisable to replace it with a proactive system of modern bookkeeping which enables the optimisation of accounting and business processes as well as fast access to information. Our relationships with Clients are based on our understanding of their specific needs and on tailoring our approach accordingly in order to render the highest quality services. It is important for us that we adopt a proactive approach towards each Client and their business and that we apply the principle of open communication which will form the basis for long-term cooperation.


Aleksandra Towarek

Aleksandra has 20 years of experience in working for Ernst & Young. For many years she was a Senior Manager responsible for managing the accounting and payroll team in Poznań. She holds an Accounting Licence granted by the Minister of Finance and specialises in providing outsourcing services in the area of accounting and tax processes to global clients and corporations. She renders advisory services related to international restructuring, including the implementation and change of accounting processes as well as the implementation of new information systems.

Beata Wojciechowska

Beata has 17 years of professional experience, including 15 years with Ernst & Young. She led a team within the Compliance & Reporting Department in Poznań. She holds an Accounting Licence granted by the Minister of Finance. She has many years’ experience in bookkeeping and providing tax compliance services to Polish and global companies as well as in preparing financial statements in accordance with Polish and international accounting standards.