Accounting services

We provide comprehensive accounting services that are flexibly tailored to your business needs. At our Client’s discretion we can provide outsourcing of either all or only specific accounting functions.

We aim to optimise accounting and business processes in your company by using technological solutions such as secure connections and systems enabling automatic data exchange.


At the beginning we will:

  • prepare the chart of accounts,
  • develop templates for financial reports, invoices and reminders,
  • propose an optimal flow of information and documents,
  • prepare the parameters of an optimal database with online access for the Client.

At a monthly basis we will:

  • keep your books of accounts or do the bookkeeping in cooperation
    with the Client by dividing accounting functions and using online accounting,
  • prepare payments for the Client’s approval,
  • prepare corporate income tax calculations (CIT),
  • prepare VAT returns as well as summary information about EU transactions,
  • draw up statistical reports for the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP),
  • prepare other settlements and statements for the tax authorities if required.

At the end of the financial year we will:

  • prepare annual financial statements in accordance with the requirements
    of the Accounting Act in Polish and English or German,
  • cooperate with the Client’s internal and external auditors,
  • prepare annual financial reports in line with the Client’s requirements (IAS, US GAAP, etc.),
  • prepare annual corporate income tax returns (CIT) providing information
    on the amount of earned income / incurred tax loss,
  • prepare other tax returns and reports (e.g. for Statistical Office , National Bank of Poland).

A standard solution entails a full bookkeeping service on Exact accounting software or the Client’s software (SAP or others). The service delivery model and reporting method are carefully matched to your business needs and requirements.

We will define reporting needs together and prepare a chart of accounts as well as a schedule with specified deadlines and means of transmitting information and data between the two parties as well as deadlines for particular activities. At each stage we optimise the flow of information by introducing imports and exports of data as well as eliminating double entry.

The outsourcing of selected accounting processes entails a division of accounting functions. We can keep a record of your fixed assets, take over the settlement of advance payments as well as settlements with staff, suppliers and buyers. We can also take over reporting functions.

We use the following communication channels: telephone, e-mail, Internet and courier services.


Online access will allow you to view your financial data, including every single transaction:

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,
  • in any place in the world.

At any time you will be able to:

  • check the availability of goods in the warehouse,
  • check if a customer made a payment on time,
  • analyse sales reports.

You will also be able to view full statements or financial reports for particular periods.

Secure remote access to financial data will enable you to make business decisions based on complete information which will give you a competitive advantage on the market.


We pay particular attention to checking settlements, documents, reports and information prepared on behalf of the Client.

We comply with the principle of double-checking settlements, reports and information prepared for you, in particular with regard to more complex and unique transactions. We use reliable tools and data control procedures which are constantly innovated.


We provide Exact accounting software as part of our accounting services. This is a system used by renowned companies involved in outsourcing, including the Big Four firms. Exact is a solution used in many countries.

With this software you can do the following online:

  • issue sales invoices,
  • keep a record of fixed assets,
  • record stock transactions,
  • import and verify payments made to the bank,
  • record cash transactions,
  • generate financial reports and statements tailored to your needs on a current basis.

Exact enables, among others:

  • flexible adjustment of financial information to business needs
    (data aggregation, cost objects and centres),
  • automatic transfer of information from other databases,
  • a multi-language interface,
  • preparation of annual financial reports in accordance with the Client’s requirements (IAS, US GAAP, etc.)

If you prefer to use your own system solution we are ready to do the bookkeeping using software of your choice which is available online (SAP, Navision and many others).


All information that we received from the Client while providing our accounting services will be treated as strictly confidential. We have extended professional liability insurance of up to PLN 500,000.

Fibre optic cables will protect data from unauthorised access. Our servers are located in professional server rooms in Poland which provide a:

  • guaranteed power supply and industrial air conditioning system,
  • smoke and fire detection system as well as a fire extinguishing system
    which is safe for the infrastructure,
  • professional access security system.

All collected data is regularly backed up and archived. The data backup system is located in a backup server room. Both systems are connected with dedicated lines operating at 10Gbps.