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Are you starting a business in Poland?

With our help you will be able to concentrate on developing your business. We will assist you in registering your company with the registry court and other institutions. We will develop a chart of accounts which will allow you to efficiently generate financial reports and prepare tax returns. We will also advise you on the best valuation methods as well as advantageous depreciation and amortization methods.

As your business develops and grows, we will ensure a smooth transfer of accounting processes to your office. We will recommend the optimal solution for your company at every stage of its development.

Would you like your payroll information to be confidential?

If so, then entrusting us with your payroll operations is the right choice which will help to keep that information confidential. We will calculate payroll for managers or foreign nationals employed at your company as well as all essential salary components, and we will also prepare statements and reports.

On a separate sub-account we will prepare all your salary transfers as well as tax and insurance contribution payments ready to be made upon your acceptance.

How about complicated financial reports?

Even the most complex reporting packages are not a problem for us. If the deadline for preparing reports is tight, we will be happy to do it for you. We will draw up reports for shareholders and statements for internal or external auditors.

We will also assist you in changing the chart of accounts and accounting processes so as to enable you to quickly and efficiently generate financial reports by the required deadlines.

Are you looking for a temporary chief accountant?

Is the number of employees in the accounting or payroll department insufficient? We provide secondment services. We can also prepare reports and statements and assist you in accounting as well as financial decisions in a way that is flexible and tailored to your requirements.

Our experience will not only enable seamless continuation of the existing accounting or financial procedures but it will also add value to your company’s existing accounting processes.

What about changes in the accounting department?

You have confidence in your accounting department as you’ve been working with them for so many years. Your business is growing year by year. Is your accounting department too?

We will be happy to review the accounting processes in your company and propose changes as well as optimisation activities. Maybe it would be worth automating accounting processes and improving the flow of information in your company?

Do you want to implement an integrated system?

Has your company’s shareholder decided that it is time to implement an ERP system throughout the group, including Poland?

We will analyse your needs as well as business processes and draw up a report which will present proposed changes to the system so that it also fulfils the requirements of Polish tax law and the Accounting Act. Our support during the system’s implementation will allow you to effectively change internal processes, accelerate information flow and reduce additional costs.

Do you need to analyse your company’s financial situation?

We will provide you with the relevant financial information and help you decide based on that information – you can choose our reporting packages or receive reports prepared according to our guidelines.

We will also assist in assessing a company’s financial condition by drawing up reports and analysing the financial results presented in those reports.

Do you need electronic data?

We use cutting-edge solutions and technologies in order to provide an effective, flexible and reliable service.

We also provide secure online access to our system which will allow you to use financial data electronically without having to buy expensive software.

We can improve the system for exchanging information with your business partners through implementing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). The transfer of electronic files between you and your bank will ensure quick access to information about settlements with contractors.

Perhaps you have a different problem?

Contact us and we will find the right solution.